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About Us

It started with an idea. A beautiful pure idea of wanting to create organic essential oils so that they could be more beneficial for the user and become a healing candle. Our founder loved candles and wanted to make her own but with organic essential oils that would be tailored for specific needs. She then found that most candles are made from chemical fragrance which made her saddened.
Healing candles began

Certified in Reiki

Being learned in Reiki she felt she could give back more to people by infusing her products with reiki energy and go even further to tailor it for the persons needs.

Made with love

And so the tale goes she started on her journey to give back to the universe and earth which had taught her so much on her life journey. We love nature and all it's magical gifts and hope you enjoy what we have created for you.

Organic +

Essential oils pure & how nature intended them

Reiki +

Hand infused & energetically charged

Crystal +

Emotional, Spiritual & Physical health


Our mission

To create & source beautiful products that harness the natural medicinal properties that mother earth provides for us. We have all we need when we look beyond and can embrace change. The earth has a wonderful array of organic remedies and we love to work with them. Our hope is to inspire those on their own unique healing path whether it be spiritual, mental or physical.
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