How to Activate Our Healing Candles


Our beautiful candles are hand infused with reiki healing energy. In order to access this bank of good vibes you must activate the candle.


Here are the steps:


Step 1: Ask and you shall receive

Simply calm yourself and say in your head or out loud.

I now grant access for the cosmic energy within this candle to flow to me. Let me receive the energy I require for my intended purpose immediately and at the correct frequency which is safe for me. So be it, it is done and I give thanks for this.”


You may also state what your intended purpose is.

For example: “Let me receive the energy I require so that I may sleep well tonight and wake well rested.”


Step 2: Believe it is done and it will be

Sometimes the hardest part is letting go and having faith. But is also the most crucial part. Let the universe and the magic do it’s thang.


Step 3: Light & enjoy

After you have stated this once you may light the candle and enjoy the good vibes.


P.s You may want to give your candle different purposes at different points in time this is fine you will simply need to state the above statement again with your new desire.

You can also give lengths of times so you don’t have to say it everytime you light the candle.

For example: “Let me receive the energy I require to feel calm and at peace for as long as I have this candle within my home.



How to activate healing candles 

Please check out our video below if you are still unsure.