How to Smudge like a Pro

How to Smudge like a Pro

Smudging is a tradition of cleansing and purifying with smoke from sacred herbs to clear negative energy from a person or space.

How to Smudge?

Simply ignite a smudge bundle or incense over a ceramic bowl or abalone shell containing sand. Gently blow the glowing embers to produce smoke. Metaphorically wash your hands in the smoke and waft it over the body or space you wish to cleanse whilst stating your intentions.

Such as:

"I am cleansing this space. I ask the universe/spirit/the scared herbs to infuse it with the energy beneficial to me and everybody who enters this house/space/room."


"I ask all non beneficial energies, entities, surrogations, harmful energies to leave and I ask that they be removed from this property/person and be sent back to the light or whence they came with love. You are no longer welcome thanks for leaving."

Pay attention to what you sense. Some corners may need more than others; some rooms may need a second round of cleansing. State your intention as often as it feels right, hold it in your mind as well as your heart and ask for the universe's/spirits/sacred herbs etc help as often as feels necessary.


How to smudge a crystal?

Pass the crystal through the smoke from burning sage or incense with the intention that the smoke will carry away all energy that is not part of the crystal. 



References: Shamanism -Awaken and develop the Sharmanic force within By Christa Mackinnon


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