spiritual glossary and terms definitions

Spiritual Glossary 



Archetype meaning: A universal energy or pattern of behaviour, which operates autonomously in the depths of human psyche



Astrology meaning: An ancient system of divination, which studies the patterns and placement of the planets of the solar system as they appear to travel through the zodiac belt.


Earth Acupuncture

Earth Acupuncture meaning: The practice of burying crystals in the ground or laying them in a grid system, in order to create balance and harmony in the environment.


Electromagnetic energy

Electromagnetic energy meaning: energy that is emitted or reflected by objects in the form of electrical and magnetic waves.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui meaning: the ancient chinese art of placement and balance in the home and/or environment to ensure good business, harmony, love and success.



Geomancy meaning: an ancient form of divination in which, the marks and patterns of stones, earth, and sand on the ground were “read”. In the Renaissance, it was popularised by occultists such as Cornelius Agrippa as a symbolic form of divination magic.


Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress meaning: a type of energy created by disturbances and negative power from underground water courses, power lines and negative ley lines (earth energy). This energy runs through, under, or above the ground and can pollute and influence people and buildings.