What do different crystal shapes mean?

What do different crystal shapes mean?

Ever wondered what the different shapes of crystal represent or do? Is there a difference? Does the energy disperse differently if the shape is different? Answer... yes!!! Most definitely.  Not that its a big issue. But if you are wanting a crystal for a specific purpose you should read on because the shape may help assist you in that goal. 

If not then you can always just ask your higher self to guide you to the crystal meant for you at this time.


The internal lattice of a crystal defines the system to which it belongs and affects how energy moves through the crystal. A few crystals that form rapidly, such as obsidian , and the resin Amber do not have an internal lattice. Regardless of structure of the internal lattice, the flow of crystal energy is also mediated by the way in which a crystal is shaped externally, whether naturally or by cutting and polishing. 


Clusters: Have several points on a base radiate energy in several directions. 

Tumbled: Are perfect for placing on the body due to their smooth edges. Great for putting in pockets and wearing in a spiral or on grids. Draws off negative energy or bring in positive vibrations.

Elestial: Is gently folded crystal with many terminations, windows and inner planes. Therefore radiates a gently flowing energy that opens the way to insight and change.

Rough: If you look into rough pieces it then gets based off the internal lattice of the crystal (I.e its internal structure). So each crystal would be different. For example Tourmaline is a trigonal it focuses and anchors energy; invigorates and protects the aura. Where as Obsidian has no lattice so the energy flows and acts rapidly; can be a catalyst for growth or catharsis. 

Points & wands: Are good for directional energy, so they can be used to bring energy into a specific point on the body, or to draw energy away from an area. Some wands/ points have rounded bases, so by gently rubbing an area of pain, these can help bring relief by drawing out any unwanted energy from the body. Wands are useful for going crystals in grids.Points are useful for cleansing and energising.

Phantom: Very similar to a point (we put them in the same collection) Features a pointed inner pyramid. Breaks old patterns and raises vibrations.

Twin: Tow crystals of equal length sharing a base. Draws people together.

Double terminated: Have points a both ends which emits energy. is commonly use to break old patterns.

Tower: Are generally used for amplifying intentions. Like a point crystal towers focus the energy of the crystal which you can then direct. They are great for intention setting and channelling energy.

Pyramid: Normally they have four sides and this shape allows for channeling energy, which is then directed from the upward point.There are many written accounts that claim that placing food or water underneath a pyramid shape keeps the consumables fresh for longer.

Generator: Features a six pointed end or several points radiating equally in all directions. Focuses healing energy or intention and draws people together.

Sphere: As with tumbled stones the energy of these shapes will not be directional. These crystals can be difficult to use in therapy, as they roll away when you try to place them on the body. They can be used to bring positive energy into an area or room and can be used for meditation. A sphere emits energy equally all around. Forms a window to move through time.

Eggs: The gently pointed end focuses energy.

Square: Consolidates energy and useful for anchoring intention and grounding. Naturally occurring square crystals, such as fluorite, draw off negative energy and transform it.

Merkaba: One has a point that faces upward, which represents male energy, and the other point facing downward, representing female energy. This sacred geometric shape is used to connect with higher realms of consciousness, so it is a good tool with which to meditate. There is actually a lot of scientific evidence surrounding the merkaba being heavily related to the foundation of energy. The shape is, as said above sacred and if you have time is interesting to look into. 

Geode: The hollow cave-like formation that amplifies, conserves and slowly releases energy.

References: In Focus "Crystals your personal guide" by Bernice Cockram, Judy Hall's Complete Crystal Workshop by Judy Hall.


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